Thin Wall Singulation Blade for Dry Cutting Semiconductor Packages. Cut speeds over 250 MM/sec on some materials.

2" dia. Sapphire wafer over glass cut with thin wall Singulation blade. Parts are 0.0200" X 0.0200" X 0.050" high.

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Thin Wall Singulation Blades

High speed cutting

Made from 0.1 MM to 0.5 MM thick

O.D. from 1 " to 8"

These blades have Low cutting force relative to standard industry blades. Note the G-10 cut 0.010" square with a depth of 0.090" on tape with no loss of parts. the right photo is of Sapphire on glass 0.020" square X 0.050" depth - no chipping. The bottom photo is a Thin Wall Singulation Blade for dry cutting semiconductor packages.

US Patent # 7,614,395.

Core Drills

Super Low Kerf

Developed for the LASER Industry

 these core drills leave an 11R finish

as drilled. Entry and exit chipping are reduced to almost nothing. Concentricity at < 0.00025" taper < 0.0002" over 9". Special chuck designed to reduce run out to 0. Kerf from 0.004".